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An Ode to Facetime

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Facetime screenshot of a dog

Thank you …

For allowing me to FaceTime my parents, my dog, and my friends (in no particular order). Thank you for allowing me to see the enormous piles of snow in my backyard at home (and reminding me I could be there too, and to stop complaining the weather when it’s 50 degrees and partly sunny).

For letting me show my friends and family at home my new home and friends here in Antibes.

For letting me watch my dog buzz around the living room and perk up and look around when I talk to him through the phone.

For letting me walk around UMass via Julia (my friend on campus ... yes, I miss campus sometimes).

For letting me talk to my friends who are abroad in other countries and plan trips with them.

For letting me FaceTime into my UMass friends' movie nights (highly recommend Ted Bundy documentary on Netflix).

Basically, thank you for letting me connect my life at home with my life here ... thanks to you I am able to have the best of both worlds. You make me one happy gal!


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