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Funny story. I almost had to write a 40-page single-spaced page paper while abroad. Why? Because I accidentally enrolled myself into the SKEMA Business Program Thesis class! To be fair, the course was called “Business Research.” So I thought, "Hey, I’m studying business. Hey, I like research!"  Long story short, I talked to the business program director, and he generously removed me from the roster. With about two full weeks worth of free time returned to me, I booked some exciting trips that I want to share.

First up, I will be traveling to Florence to visit some UMass friends. Still in shock that I can even say that. Meeting up with college friends outside of campus is always crazy, never mind if the place you’re meeting up is freaking Europe! Flying into Rome is much cheaper than into Florence, so I am hoping to do some sight seeing there on my travel days.

When I return from Florence, I have one day of classes and then fly to Barcelona for Abroadfest. Abroadfest is in international music festival, notorious for its electric-dance music lineups and diverse attendants. Students from all over the world get together to enjoy the fun, and I could not be more excited.

At the beginning of March, I have my second round of midterms, so I will be studying more and traveling less. However, at the end of March, I have a trip to Marrakech, Morocco through Bus2Alps, and amazing travel agency. Morocco is not the safest area, but with Bus2Alps, you are always with a guide and have private organized transportation to events. We are staying in a Riad, which is a traditional Moroccan home structure, with rooms build around a courtyard—and often that courtyard has a pool. I am most excited to ride camels around the Atlas Mountains and go ATVing in the Sahara Desert.  

Finally, when I return from Morocco, my parents will already be in Antibes! They rented a beautiful home right behind the Picasso Museum, and I am so excited to stay with them and enjoy a big bed, unlimited warm showers, and home cooked meals! And to see them, of course. From Antibes, we are going to Paris to meet a family friend. 

Blog posts on all of these trips to come. But, can someone pinch me?

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