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My Top 5 Google Searches Before Going Abroad

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1. Should I go abroad?

I really thought Wiki answers could make this decision for me. Obviously, reading hundreds of mixed responses only confused me more. It’s perfectly normal to question whether to make a huge academic and personal experience—just confide in close family, friends, and advisors, not internet strangers. 


2. Weather in the French Riviera 

Searched this a few times because I thought it was too good to be true. 60 degrees and sunny? In the Winter? Not sure what I was expecting to find my repeatedly searching the weather in Antibes—perhaps a surprise tsunami?


3. CEA Student Experiences

This was definitely the thing that got me most hyped about going abroad. Hearing about other students' amazing experiences made it feel real and I wanted stories of my own. Their descriptions also helped me vividly imagine different aspects of their experience, and led my mind to daydream about the journey I was about to take.


4. What do French college students typically wear?

Answer: not what American students wear. This is a bummer because I only wear gym clothes or sweat pants ever on campus—so my fashion sense will be put to a real test (I really had to buy half a wardrobe because I owned no casual clothes).


5. Cheap ways to travel in Europe 

One of the amazing things about living in France is my access to the rest of Europe. I have friends studying in other cities throughout—like Barcelona and Florence—so I will definitely be visiting them. I also have a million places on my bucket list that I plan on visiting while abroad. Finding cheap travel and housing will be key to making this all happen.


As you can probably tell, the progression of my questions reflects the increased excitement I began to experience as the time for me to leave approached. As I spend more time abroad, hopefully I can revisit these questions and add insights of my own. For now, a bientôt!


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