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My Spring 2019 Schedule

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UMass dorms in winter

A new year has arrived, and with it a new semester. Vacation is fun and all, but I, for one, am excited to be back at UMass and resuming academics and extracurriculars. Right now is the calm before the storm. We’re well into our second week of classes, but add-drop period is not quite over yet. We have a few more days to relax before homework and tests really begin to pile on. So, in this first post of the new semester, I’m going to tell you guys about all the classes in my schedule.

Let’s start with one I’m looking most forward to: Behavioral Neuroscience. For anyone on the psychology major on the neuroscience track, Behavioral Neuroscience is a required course that kind of functions as an “intro to neuroscience” class. It’s during these lectures when you learn if this course material is right for you. The topics covered in the class range from the anatomy of the brain to the physiology of learning and thinking. The material is sometimes technical, and sometimes abstract. The course is also a great introduction to some of the research being done at UMass relating to neuroscience. There’s a number of different TAs who work in a diverse set of labs, so talking with them can definitely help you find one for yourself. I would definitely recommend taking this class, whether you’re in the major or not.

The next class I’m in is Biology II. Whereas Biology I was all about cells and proteins, this class is about evolution and ecosystems. Personally, I find the content we are learning in Biology II much more interesting, but it really does come down to just personal preference. But, if you love talking about animals and plants, then this is the class for you. Don’t be fooled though. This class requires a lot of commitment and hard work. If you keep up with the material, you’ll be sure to find success.

Perhaps the most difficult class I’m taking this semester is the notorious Organic Chemistry II. This class expands on everything you did in General Chemistry I and II and Organic Chemistry I. Many people cite this class as the hardest in their entire undergraduate career. There is a lot of memorization and you must spend hours studying. I’m not trying to scare you, but rather prepare you. If you study a little bit every night, you will do completely fine.

And last, I have two laboratory classes. One for biology, and one for chemistry. Biology lab requires you to observe different types of microorganisms under a microscope. Chemistry lab requires you to work with a variety of chemicals and compounds. Both showcase completely different, yet important, laboratory environments you may find yourself in. They’re great preparation for future careers, and all-around awesome classes.

Those are all the classes I’m taking this semester. I can’t wait to get into the thick of things! Thanks for reading!




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