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My Experience at TEDxAmherst

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TedX Amherst

I attended TEDxAmherst at UMass this semester… Welcome to my TED Talk.

I'm sure you've heard of TED Talks, or have seen one (or more) in a class or on your own online — I know I have. I was extremely excited to hear that a TED Talk was going to be held at UMass, so my friends and I immediately bought tickets. The last time a TEDx event was held on campus was back in 2015, so I feel extremely lucky being able to attend UMass when this special event returned.

This special presentation was not a traditional TED Talk, but rather TEDx (the “x” represents a special talk that is not an official event by TED, but an independently organized event), which was organized by one of our students on campus!

I got the opportunity to listen to incredible stories coming from incredible people — professors (two being UMass professors), local business owners, even a UMass student. I listened to how a man has changed children’s lives through the introduction of yoga, and to a math professor who inspired his students (who were not math majors) to create whatever they wanted with the freedom of expression while also applying mathematics.

Between speakers, we attended workshops that involved networking, exercising our mind, and relaxing our body. We were taught how to create a professional-looking 3D model on our own and for free, we solved puzzles, were taught what to do in an emergency room with a patient, and were taught meditation and how to find a sense of peace within ourselves when we are at our most stressed.

Being able to hear such inspiring stories in person rather than through the screen is something that I will never forget, and is an experience that I think everyone should seek out.


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