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MullinsLive! 2019

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This year UMass will hold the 5th-annual MullinsLive! concert, and many students, myself included, are very excited to attend the event. The university manages to get top performers to come to the Mullins Center. This year is no exception. Future, Ty Dolla $ign and Gunna are set to arrive on March 2nd. In addition, the school’s very own DJ KaiKai will keep the music going each time the sets change between performers.

This is the first year tickets for MullinsLive! are not free. Although this seems like a drastic downfall, in reality it’s more of a positive. This is also the first year concert tickets are available for purchase online, which is a gigantic improvement compared to past years. Prior to this electronic system, the only place you could get tickets was the box office a the Mullins Center. Because there were only a finite number of floor tickets, dozens of students would line up to buy tickets hours in advance, sometimes in the bitter cold. Even if you did wait for hours, there wasn’t even a guarantee you would get a floor ticket. UMass fixed this problem by making all tickets purchasable online.

The cost for the event is very affordable at $10, then $15 if bought closer to the event date. The reasoning behind adding a price tag to the ticket is to not only fund the convenience factor of not having to wait in the long line, but also to fund the powerful server used to operate the electronic system. Brian Caputo, booking manager at the Mullins Center, even said he contacted ticket distributors and requested the biggest server they had.

If you think about it, $10 for a concert ticket with three very popular artists is a total steal. Personally, I have waited in those long lines in hopes of a free floor ticket, but between that and a $10 online ticket, I would choose the online ticket every time.

Overall, I am very excited to attend the concert and to see if UMass does anything different this year. There will always be a large, open floor space right in front of the stage for students to dance and talk, and the seats are open as well for those who would rather sit back and watch. Regardless, the event should be a fun time with friends and for the small price of $10, it seemed like a no brainer to buy a ticket.


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