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Looking for a New Study Spot?

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UMass Engineering Hub

Are you the kind of person who does most of their schoolwork in the library, ISB or anywhere else on campus? Regardless of where you choose to work, one thing is for certain — you are tired of going to the same exact study spot day after day! As for most students, and especially with finals coming up, everyone is dreading studying. Although I can’t help you with studying for finals, I can surely help you with one thing… Finding a new study spot!

Many people have not set foot in the engineering quad, but nestled inside Marcus is a beautiful, newly remodeled studying space. Opened in January 2019, this space offers vibrant paint, comfy chairs, and air conditioning, with plenty of space to study. To be specific, the study space I am referring to is the Engineering Community, Equity, and Inclusion Hub. However, don’t be deterred by the space’s name.  It is open for all to study in, regardless of affiliation with the engineering department. With power outlets located all throughout the space and conference room, finding a place to charge your laptop will surely be no issue.

While a room that is too cold may distract you from your studies, and a room that is too warm may cause you to begin getting tired, my experience in the CEI Hub has shown me the temperature is perfectly set to promote both efficient studying and comfort.

Located behind Goessman Hall and near campus center, it is a convenient walk from anywhere on campus. To get to the study area you will walk into Marcus Hall. From there, the CEI Hub will be labeled directly to your left. Additionally, another great thing about this space is that outside Marcus Hall lies a beautiful grass area with benches. With that being said, if you would like a quick break from studying inside, you can pack your items and study outside in minutes! Hopefully you will be able to explore the CEI Hub in the near future — and best of luck in your upcoming finals!


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