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Living on the Mount Ida Campus!

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Mount Ida dorm with text: Living at Mount Ida

The Mount Ida Campus is tucked into the center of Newton, hidden behind a golf course in an area of the town that is suburban and generally quiet. It’s about a 30 minute ride by T into Boston, and just a short drive from any of the Newton Green Line stops. This past summer, I had the opportunity to live on the Mount Ida campus through UMass while doing an internship in Waltham. Being able to live at Mount Ida greatly expanded my horizons, and allowed me to accept my dream internship without fear of the commute.

Why I Chose Mount Ida

Not everyone wants to spend their summer living away from home, but for me it was an easy decision. My hometown is roughly an hour away from Boston on a good day, and while I was thrilled at my acceptance to work for Vistaprint over the summer, I knew the commute would be a huge problem. With traffic, I would have been spending roughly three hours every day in the car driving back and forth. It just did not seem feasible for me to accept the internship while living so far away.

Then I found out that as a UMass student, I had the ability to live at Mount Ida College for the summer. The Mount Ida campus was only 10 minutes from where I was working, and UMass even provides a service to take people working in Boston to and from the nearest T stops free of charge. These services were even available to people, like me, who drove to work but may want to visit Boston on a weekend by T. It made perfect sense for me to live at Mount Ida for the summer!

The Mount Ida Campus at a Glance

New Hall at Mount Ida can house approximately 120 students, and roughly 80 were living there over the summer. As a result, the community of students grew really close and it was great to hang out with the other people living there after work or during events put on by the Residential Life staff. I lived there for eight weeks, and there was at least one event put on by staff each week for us to hang out and decompress after a long day of work. The convenience afforded by being able to live so close to my work, as well as the community of the Mount Ida campus, made my summer an equally amazing and unique experience.

Being able to live so close to where I worked allowed me the freedom to not only work the internship I was so happy to have gotten, but also to explore Boston in my free time. Overall, the Mount Ida campus is a great asset to the UMass community and I cannot wait to see how the school expands on its co-op and internship programs in Boston through this campus.




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