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It's Spring Formal Season!

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Mirror selfie in a light blue formal dress

As the end of the semester nears, lots of clubs and organizations across campus celebrate the year and each other by hosting formals. If you like getting all dolled up, this is something to look forward to!

The closest thing I can compare to a formal is prom. However, formals, despite their name, usually involve semi-formal attire. They're also only with the fellow members of the club (and their dates), not your entire grade. They’re typically hosted at off-campus venues and provide food and good music. Formals are a fun way to grow deeper connections with the people you are in clubs with, plus you get to dress up and dance!

Greek life, sports groups, and clubs are among the groups of people to typically host formals. Although it’s just one night, it can be the most memorable night of your semester. So, it’s important to bring a date who will make the night fun for you (whether this be a significant other or a friend) and wear something you feel good in. You’re going to want to take pictures!

Formals are just a fun way to spend time with your peers. If you don't attend yours, it doesn't matter. While finding the perfect outfit or deciding who to bring can be a little stressful, they’re meant to be fun and something you think of fondly when you look back on your college years.


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