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The ISB: A Perfect Place to Study!

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Exterior of UMass Integrated Science Building, with melting piles of snow

The University of Massachusetts Amherst has an enormous campus that will definitely take more than one day to explore. Although the library is the hottest spot to study and get homework done, there are tons of other places scattered throughout campus that are just as good, maybe even better, for those long study sessions. One of my favorite places to go is the Integrated Science Building, located in the northeast area of campus. Here are some of the reasons why the ISB is an excellent place to get stuff done:


Depending on where the majority of your classes are, the Integrated Science Building is an excellent location that is pretty much accessible to many parts of campus. During freshman year, I spent the majority of my studying hours here because I also lived in the Northeast residential area, which was less than a five-minute walk away. Walking through campus is not that big of a deal, but during the wintertime when it’s freezing cold, every minute less is worth it. The ISB is basically also connected to Worcester dining hall. If you walk outside the second floor entrance and keep walking for another 20 feet, you will be in the dining commons. The convenience factor for having a dining common that close is just unbeatable.


If dining common food isn’t your thing, even though UMass is number one in dining, there is a cafe on the first floor of ISB that is open all day. Here, they serve all kinds of breakfast foods, lunches, snacks, drinks and more. Starbucks coffee is even served here. Everything can be purchased with dining dollars. The convenience of having food in the building where you are studying tops the fact that the dining common is only a few steps away.  

Seating Areas

Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of the Integrated Science Building is that there are a ton of spaces to study. With numerous floors and various seating arrangements, there is bound to be a place that accommodates your needs. If you want to sit in a comfy cushioned chair, you can find one. If you want a traditional desk for writing and working, you can find that, too. And if you would like a big enough area for group projects or study sessions, look no further. In addition, the ISB is also generally very quiet, so there will be no distractions when you are studying for that important exam.

Overall, with tons of places to study and get homework done, the Integrated Science Building is a great location. It has been my go-to place when I have to grind for final exams or the place I go to when I want to be productive and get caught up with all my work.  



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