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I'd Rather Be in Hot Water

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Antibes is one of the prettiest spots on the French Riviera. The constant sunshine reflects on the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. Standing on the Old Town beach, the snow-covered Alps look like a fake backdrop. The weather is sunny, warm—and deceiving.  

In early February, I went in the water in Cinque Terre, Italy. It was a bit nippy, but since it was still winter, I expected as much. 

Now, in late March, walking down in street in Antibes makes me sweat. I’ve developed a nice base tan, and I have retired my winter coats for the season. For these reasons, I expected the water to also be warm. Well, my friends and I decided to take a dip yesterday and . . .




I went through a phase where I would shower in cold water because of the health benefits to the body or soul or something. Back when I did that, after about 20 seconds, the cold water would start to feel calming.

In the Mediterranean, after about 20 seconds, I was frantically trying to channel my inner life guard and remember what to do as a drowning victim.

Probably will wait a few more weeks before I go in again, but hey—what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?


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