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How to Make Friends at UMass: Second Semester

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WEB Dubois Library and Old Chapel in winter, against a bright blue sky

The second semester at UMass is the perfect time to accomplish all that you wanted that you didn’t get around to the first semester. By already knowing the ins and outs of UMass and being comfortable in the environment, it’s a lot easier to try new things. Freshman year first semester,I wish I had made more friends and reached outside of my already established friend group. Going into my second semester, I made this my social goal and accomplished it above and beyond! Here are some ways to make friends during the second semester.

Join Clubs

Joining clubs is something everyone should experience at least once in college. Coming into freshman year, the abundance of clubs and activities may seem overwhelming because you are just dipping your feet into the water when it comes to college, but they are a fantastic way to make new friends. Dozens of clubs are joinable at any time of the year, so the beginning of the second semester is the perfect time for a fresh start. Not only will you meet and talk to new people, but you will also engage in an activity or event that you may really enjoy.

Try an Intramural Sport

One of the best ways to make new friends while also staying in shape and having fun is to play an intramural sport. There are tons of options to choose from, and you can find everything you need to know at the recreation center. If you are worried about the competitiveness of sports, you don’t need to fear because there are plenty of “just for fun” leagues that many students enjoy every year. Making new friends with the people on your team as well as the opposing players is a fantastic and genuine way to put yourself out there.

Go to School Events

When students aren’t busy studying or filling themselves up at the dining hall, many of them are at sports games, theatrical events, or just school events in general. Settings like these are fantastic places to go with friends to meet even more people. Whether its bonding over UMass pride or a similar interest, there are bound to be more people you meet that fall under the same umbrella as you do. I went to my first hockey game freshman year and made friends with people who I am still friends with.

So if you wished to make more friends and be more social first semester and couldn’t, the second semester if the perfect time to tackle that goal. With a brand new school schedule, different events going on at UMass, and the dozens of opportunities UMass offers in general, there will always be the chance to meet great people and create friendships that will last a lifetime.



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