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How To Easily Create Eye-Catching Graphics

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Graphic: How to easily create eye-catching graphics

I believe every student should have the Canva app downloaded on their phones. It’s perfect for creating eye-catching visuals and to get your creative juices flowing. You name it, and Canva has a template for it: posters, business cards, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, etc. It prides itself in having over 60,000 templates!

I even made my résumé using Canva, and it made the process a lot more fun. I spent way more time perfecting the text and design than I ever would have if I didn’t use the app. Since I’m applying to jobs in more creative fields, I want my résumé to reflect that as well. I highly suggest checking out their templates for inspo.

I’ve always been an avid Canva user. Last year one of my professors even recommended we use it to create simple infographics. The templates make it easy for the user to understand how infographics should look, and there’s a search bar to look up stickers you can add to make your graphic pop.

One downfall I’ve experienced is how it sometimes lags. This could be because my iPhone's storage is always low. I  just make sure I am consistently saving my creation. It can also be used on a desktop at its website I haven’t experienced a lagging while using it from my laptop.

It’s the perfect app if you need to create a flyer promoting a club, event, or class. I bet the hundreds of posters I see scattered around campus use Canva, or an app like it, to create these small pieces of art. Sometimes I fall down the rabbit hole of spending too much time creating random collages or posts. It can be a little addicting trying to get your image exactly how you want it. 

The best part? It’s free!


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