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Getting the Most Cash for Textbooks!

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E-campus stand at the University of Massachusetts

According to the College Board, the average college student spends more than $1,200 on books and supplies each year. Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, I am sure you have felt the pain of purchasing an expensive book. However, as the semester comes to an end, there is hope for you to recoup some of your losses.

Selling your textbooks can either be tedious or simple.  Let’s take the ninth edition of a financial reporting book as an example. This book retails for $218 new, and if you weren’t lucky enough to rent this book, you most likely are out a substantial amount of money. The semester is over and you will never use this book, so the question of “How can I sell this book?” presents itself. Most likely, you will have four options: sell the book to another student, sell the book to eCampus, trade in the book to Amazon, or sell the book on Amazon. Each of these four options presents different pros and cons, but one option will maximize your compensation. The easiest route in selling the book would be to sell it to eCampus at the Campus Center during the week. In seconds, you can get a quote online and with one trip to the Campus Center you will leave with a check or cash in hand. However, due to it’s ease, you most likely will get the least amount of money for the book. For the ninth edition book mentioned earlier, eCampus books would offer a little over $65 for it.

The other option would be to trade the book in with Amazon. Searching “Amazon Trade-In” on Google and selecting that you would like to trade-in a book provides a quote provided for the trade in value of the book. Similarly, in the case of the 9th edition book, Amazon would offer you an $84 gift card for the textbook. With free shipping and a bit of your time to go to the post office, an additional $19 could be made.

Finally, the most rewarding way of selling back your textbooks would be selling it directly on Amazon. Trust me, the extra time required to follow the instructions for listing your textbook are truly worth it. Once again, looking at the ninth edition book, at the low end of the spectrum you will be able to sell the book for $149. This selling price is significantly higher than the value you would get trading in the book on campus or directly to Amazon. So let me ask you, do you think an extra $65 is worth an hour of your time? Cause I sure do! Regardless of which method you choose, one thing is certain, you’ll have some extra cash for the summer and you’ll clear up some shelf space. So good luck selling your textbooks and enjoy your summer!



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