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Getting an On-Campus Job!

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Isenberg School of Management building on a sunny winter day

If you are low on cash or need a source of income throughout the school year, getting an on-campus job is definitely on your to-do list. Whether you have a work study or not, getting an on-campus job is possible, and positions can be found throughout the entire campus. Here are some steps to follow, if you are looking for a job at UMass, and the perks to having one!

See if You Are Eligible for Work Study

An important piece of information you should know is whether you are eligible for work-study. This can be found on Spire, or you can call Financial Aid and discuss this with them. If you are someone who doesn’t have a work study allotted to them, no need to fret, because there are many positions that don’t require you to have one.

Check out the UMass Job Board

With a simple Google search, you’ll see the UMass job board, an excellent tool when finding an on-campus job. In fact, I used this website in order to become a social media assistant for the Admissions office here at UMass. On the website, you can see what types of jobs are open and also the qualifications and how to apply. It is an excellent resource, and many of my friends have used it to find on-campus jobs themselves.

Go in Person

Sometimes doing things the old-fashioned way is most effective. For a lot of positions, the best bet for success is to go to the department in person and apply for a job. Many students do this at the dining halls or any other places throughout campus. By putting yourself out there and seeing what is readily available, you better your odds to get a nice side gig for the semester. On top of this, by going about campus and talking to people, you will learn how to get around better and also maybe meet new friends along the way!

Perks of Having an On-Campus Job

The number one perk of having an on-campus job is, of course, money, but that’s beyond the point. Some other benefits include meeting new people and gaining new friends throughout employment, learning more about UMass and its culture and operations, and the fact that it is on campus, meaning you won’t have to travel far at all to earn some cash. Usually, work hours are extremely flexible and accommodate for students’ classes. On top of this, putting an on-campus job on your resume might help, because it shows some involvement in the UMass community.

Altogether, having an on-campus job gives anyone who wishes to have one more than just money. With the application process being very easy to follow, it’s no surprise that tons of students decide to work on campus to make their social and financial lives a little bit easier.



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