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Florence and Cinque Terre

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This past weekend, I visited some buddies from UMass in Florence, Italy. This was one of the other places where I had considered studying, so I was super excited to check it out. Florence and Antibes are not far from each other. My flight there took just a little over an hour, and my bus back was a five-hour redeye, so I went to sleep in Florence and woke up in Antibes. Easy breezy.

Here are some highlights from my visit.

Sushinami: The All-You-Can-Eat Asian-Fusian Restaurant

You may be thinking, "You traveled all the way to Italy, the home of pasta and pizza, and ate sushi?" My answer is "yes." We ate hundreds of dollars worth of tasteful Asian-fusion dishes for 12 euro each. You also may be wondering why I felt the need to put it first on my list of highlights. I love food, and this was some of the best sushi, sashimi, pad thai, udon, grilled shrimp, and spring rolls I have ever tasted.

Seeing UMass People

Having my friend, who I normally only see on campus, greet me at the bus station in Florence was unreal!  On the first day of New Student Orientation, we were told that over the next four years, we would meet some amazing people and have unforgettable experiences—three years later and I couldn't agree more.

Admiring the Beauty of Florence

In my opinion, Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The streets are unbelievably clean, the architecture is bright and detailed (the Duomo is too pretty to be true), and everyone is dressed to impress.  

Day Trip to Cinque Terre

My favorite part of the visit was probably the day trip we took to Cinque Terre. This portion of the Italian Riviera is made up of five smaller towns, accessible by train. Round-trip transportation took about five hours, but we were still able to spend the majority of daylight enjoying the laid-back, beauty of Cinque Terre. We spent most of our time in Manarola, which is the second most popular town of the five. It honestly was what I pictured the Almafi Coast looking like. We walked up a windy pathway overlooking the teal-colored ocean and then climbed across the sea wall and went for a dip in the refreshing Mediterranean water. It truly was a day I will never forget.

Next up, I am traveling to Barcelona—definitely not bringing a purse this time (check out my article on pick-pocketing if you’re wondering I’m talking about).


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