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Feeling Overbooked?

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As the spring 2019 semester began, I decided my time at UMass would be wasted if I was not advantageous of the plethora of opportunities offered on campus. So, I decided to do what I do best and make a big mess. My schedule quickly went from chill and somewhat boring to requiring me to get up at 6:30 a.m. and not return to my room until 9 p.m. pretty much every day. I joined the Honors College, rushed a sorority, and picked up a second on-campus job, all on top of my five classes and other job that I was already responsible for. Because I love each individual thing I’m involved with on campus, I was excited for the non-stop hassle of each day as my days would be filled with me doing things I look forward to. Or so I thought.

We’re more than a month into the new semester now and I’m wondering if I bit off more than I can chew.

I have four assignments all due at midnight tonight and have had the same cold for three weeks. I can’t remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep that lasted longer than six hours, and I haven’t eaten my  three square meals since who knows when. Safe to say, my time management skills were really put to the test this semester. Although this all sounds far from ideal, I am also much more satisfied with how I spend my time here. I’m proud of the various things I have involved myself in, and my resume has grown extensively. Both socially and academically, I have challenged myself in ways I never imagined, and (assuming I learn to manage all my duties) I will graduate knowing I spent my time at UMass effectively.

While I wonder which is better — doing not as much and being bored, but also relaxed, or doing probably too much but enjoying it — I have learned that in college (and in life), you need balance. Not to sound super philosophical, but it’s true. As I feel now that I may have overbooked myself, I also wonder if I just need a bit more time to adjust to my new, productive lifestyle. I look forward to the opportunities that I will be given as a byproduct of my new activities, and know I will always look back on my days here with fondness, regardless of what my schedule ultimately ends up being.

College goes by far too quickly to not be advantageous of what’s offered on campus. Whether it’s joining just a single club, UMass has so many opportunities for you to meet people from all across the world and learn about your surroundings in ways you couldn’t imagine. That, to me, is worth feeling stressed out — you only have four years here, so you might as well test every water that you can.



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