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Enjoying My Last Month Abroad

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Time really does fly. One month from now, I will be taking my last exam at SKEMA and packing to return to the United States.

While I am super excited to be back with my family and friends, Antibes really is beginning to feel like home, and it will be sad to leave.  

This past month, I have pretty much stayed in Antibes. This allowed me to get into a rhythm, which is both good and bad. It’s good, because I’ve been productive and content. It’s bad, because in doing so, I sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses. There are some days where I literally don't even look at the Mediterranean. 

As the weather is warming up, tourists are beginning to flock. While I don’t love the extra foot traffic and inflated prices, it does remind me to appreciate living here.

In this last month, I am going to really make an effort to enjoy the French Riviera: eat out more, sit by the water, go on hikes on trails around me; generally do as the tourists do.



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