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Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I never fully understood what that meant until now. Don’t get me wrong — I love living in paradise, and don't even want to think about leaving. But, a little part of me can't wait for May.


I guess I’m just really lucky to have such great people and places to miss back home. As much as I love waking up and walking to the beach, a little part of me can’t wait to wake up and walk my dog. Or to go out to brunch with my friends at UMass, watch the television show Psych with my parents, or go to my favorite cafe after a great workout at my gym in Stowe.

I never even considered the potential of becoming homesick when deciding to go abroad, because my transition into college was so smooth. My cabin fever was so bad in high school, that I was practically dying for independence and a fresh start. Now, in college, I can’t get enough of both of my homes (in Vermont and at UMass). That’s why the transition from UMass to Antibes has been a little tougher.

Luckily, with persistence and a little bit of courage, Antibes is quickly beginning to feel like home as well. I have forced my introverted-self to be social and make friends, researched and joined a gym, and learned to accept constructive criticism without becoming defensive. 

Being able to adapt to your environment is a huge life skill. The most important thing I have learned since being abroad is that if you are able to be your own best friend — and supporter — you will be able to feel at home, wherever you go.

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