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Comparing Antibes to Other Popular Study Abroad Destinations I’ve Visited

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The French Riviera, Italian Riviera, and Northern Spain are some of the most popular destinations for students studying abroad. Each destination has different, but equally amazing, aspects.

Proximity to Nature

Antibes is located right on the French Riviera, which is super nice. I can even watch the sun rise and set over the Mediterranean Sea from my balcony. The snow-covered Alps are also in plain view. In theory, it’s possible for someone to go skiing in the morning and tan on the beach in the afternoon. Barcelona also has a large stretch of beach, and Florence has a canal with a view of the Alps.


Antibes definitely has a small-town vibe. All of the main roads lead to Place De Gualle, the center of Antibes. Old Antibes is a block away and consists of winding cobblestone roads and local cafes. In contrast, Florence and Barcelona are cities, with parallel and perpendicular blocks and crowds of people.  


In Antibes, it is common for people to go out for a drink at a bar, however there are very few clubs. Most students who are into more upbeat environments will go to Nice, Cannes, or Juan le Pins. Florence has a good mixture of bars and clubs, and Barcelona nightlife is on a whole other planet.


I am pleasantly surprised by how safe I feel walking in Antibes at night. Obviously, I would prefer to have a walking buddy, but having to walk alone at night doesn't discourage me from going out. I can't say the same for Florence or Barcelona. Part of this may be due to my familiarity with Antibes, but a big part of it is the fact that I was pick-pocketed in Florence and the party-reputation Barcelona has in my mind.

Overall, I’d say Antibes is ideal for more laid back students, who enjoy relaxing by the beach or hitting the slopes as much as (if not more than) going out in there free time. I love traveling and appreciating bigger cities and then returning to my quaint town to unwind. 


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