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Parents in Paris

Last week, my parents and I shared a week full of relaxing walks, home-cooked food, and lots of Netflix. I know you probably can’t tell from that description, but we spent this last week in Antibes! Indeed, my parents finally came to visit me.

Of course, the activities I mentioned are somewhat different here than they are in America. Instead of relaxing walks down our dirt road in Vermont, we walked by the Mediterranean Sea and admired the snow-covered Alps. Instead of getting takeout FireTower Pizza, we enjoyed meals made from fresh market produce and baguettes. As for Netflix? Netflix was pretty much the same. Being the homebodies that we are, my family and I spent every night on the couch watching our favorite television show, Psych.

Besides enjoying a king-sized mattress and unlimited hot water in the rental home’s rain-shower, it was so incredibly nice to spend a laid-back week with my family. I brought them to my favorite spots—the cafe where I get my acai bowls and do work, the coffee shop where I get my caramel lattes and fawn over Whisky the Westie, and the gym that keeps my mind sane and my heart happy. 

The fact that the description of last week with my parents in Antibes could mirror a description of a simple visit home from college back in the States shows that it doesn't matter whether you're in a familiar place you've spent most of your life, or thousands of miles away. Home really is just wherever the heart is.

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