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Checking Up On Home

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Being at school can sometimes feel like a completely different universe. I know I’m so constantly tasked with juggling school work and my social life that I sometimes forget to check on family and friends from home! Although I’ve progressively gotten better over the years, I still find it difficult to constantly remind myself that I have to maintain the relationships of friends from home while still at college!

I try and make sure to check up, and call, home friends at least once a week. Being able to talk to them and have them fill you in on what they’re doing helps further solidify the friendship and beat the physical distance that’s between you. And now that group facetime is available, you should have NO excuse not to call your friends often!

This may sound like a given, but don’t forget to call you mom or parents every so often. Being the oldest of three, I’ve always been the child of "firsts." However, freshmen year I underestimated how much my mom was actually going to miss me! If I could go back, I would make sure to at least attempt to pick up the phone every time she called. Just a friendly reminder: Spreading your wings is GREAT, but don’t forget about the importance of your family!

Last but not least, try and visit home if you can. Going into college I convinced myself that I was never going to want to come home and miss all the fun I was having. While that may have been the case some weekends, it was also nice to be able to go home, rest up, eat home-cooked meals, and see my family. So I would highly recommend going home (if you live close enough) for some long weekends. I promise you won’t regret it!



Transitioning to College

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