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Avoiding the “UMass Plague”

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'Tis the season where the cloud of sickness covers UMass once again -- the “UMass Plague,” as we call it.

The sounds of sniffling and coughing surrounds you as the semester progresses, so be sure to save yourself from joining the congested crowd. Here are some tips to help avoid the “Plague” (and if you’re already feeling ill, listen up, too):

Wash Your Hands

This should be a no brainer. Wash your hands as often as you can -- more than normal. If you’re already sick, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly to not spread the “Plague” even further.

Don’t Share Food or Drinks

While your friend’s chicken tenders and fries basket from Blue Wall or their iced coffee from Peets may be tempting to taste, best not to consume some especially this time of year. You never know.

Limit Physical Contact

Holding hands, hugging, kissing, whatever, all have risks of spreading sickness. Of course, you do you, but just be cautious.

Get the Flu Shot

Flu season is also upon us, and the recommended way to prevent catching it is to get the flu shot. The CVS near Big Y (direct route via the Route 33 and B43 buses) as well as our own UHS (University Health Services) and other locations on campus provide walk-in flu shots.

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