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4 Things You May Overlook When Packing For Abroad

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Most online abroad check lists will tell you to bring a variety of shoes, clothing layers, converters ... the necessities.  Here are four things that didn't make it into my suitcase that I wish I had brought!


  1. Reusable Bags for Groceries 

In France, citizens and visitors are encouraged to use reusable bags, so they are not offered as a courtesy at most stores (stores in malls and some boutiques tend to provide them). To save some money and be provençal, bring your own bags!


2. Specific Home Goods/Beauty Products

You know when you get a really painful paper cut on your finger and then you realize how much you actually use that finger? You never really know how much you rely on something until its gone ... and home goods/beauty products are no exception. If you are in love with a specific item that you think you may run out of during your time abroad, stock up before you leave! There is no guarantee that French stores will carry the products you need — they honestly probably will not. American ships to France, but shipping can be pricey, and it takes a while. So make sure you save room in your checked bag for four months worth of those necessities!


3. Pepper Spray

I feel extremely safe in Antibes, but honestly, it never hurts to be overly prepared. Pepper spray is a solo-traveler’s best friend, because it protects them without hurting anybody in the process.  


4. Portable Charger 

Some of my days (especially when traveling), can get long, and the last thing I want is to be stranded in a new place without a phone or Google Maps. Avoid this by always having a handy-dandy phone charger.


These are four things that I wish I had brought with me, but you live and you learn :) Happy packing!

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