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3-Day Weekends At UMass!

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Sometimes during the school year, you just need a break, and that’s what three-day weekends are perfect for. Throughout the academic year, there are a handful of Mondays everyone gets off because of various holidays, and they are an excellent way to get your bearings after going nonstop with tons of school work. Here are some ways to take advantage of those three-day weekends.

Visit Family

A lot of students take advantage of the extra day off to visit family and friends back home. Sometimes it can feel really good to get away from campus and go back to a familiar and comfy environment. You get to see your pets, eat mom’s cooking, and be back in your old childhood room. With so many people deciding to go home for the long weekends, staying at UMass can be a bit lonely.

Get on top of Work

One of my worst habits is that, throughout the week, I tell myself I’m going to do a certain assignment on a certain day, and then just as I’m about to start it my brain goes, “you can just wait until tomorrow.” Well, at the end of the week I’m stuck with a heaping pile of homework to do over the weekend. I found that using the long weekend as a reset button is one of the perfect ways to readjust my academic life. The extra time helps. But what helps even more is the fact that the schedule changes on the Tuesday we get back. So, the classes you were supposed to have, you won’t have at all! It’s best to take advantage of this situation and get ahead as much as you can.

Explore Amherst / Campus

If going home isn’t an option for you, exploring Amherst and the campus is an excellent way to take advantage of the long weekend. Since so many students go home for the three-day break, there are a lot fewer bodies roaming around downtown Amherst and on campus. This is the perfect time to visit that restaurant that’s always busy or see an attraction that always seems to be full of people.


This sounds obvious, but when the weekend is a day longer, get some extra sleep! That coveted extra morning to sleep in is a reality when there are no classes on Monday. From personal experience, after a long week of strenuous school work, classes, and miscellaneous things, nothing is better than being lazy and catching up on some Zs!

In the end, having a three-day break is one of the best things to go through during the school year. Being a full-time college student comes with a lot of responsibilities and obligations, so when there is a chance to feel like a lazy middle school kid again, take advantage of it.





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