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Where to Go Apple Picking

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Apple picking in Amherst

Since enrolling at UMass I have always wanted to go apple picking, but never knew where to go. My friend was visiting for the long Columbus Day weekend and I was determined to find us an orchard. As I was mindlessly scrolling on my phone, I found my answer. Funnily enough, it was in the form of an Instagram post from our page @umassadmissions. In the post, I was introduced to the UMass Cold Spring Orchard Research and Education Center in Belchertown, Mass. When I saw it was less than a 25-minute drive from campus I knew I had discovered my new apple picking spot. 


When we went, we could choose from a $12 peck or a $24 half bushel. We decided on the peck, which gave us the perfect amount of 15 apples! While we were picking from our choice of McIntosh, Golden, and Red Delicious, we had a breathtaking mountain view! Beautiful orange, red, and yellow fall foliage surrounded us. The fresh aroma of apples followed me throughout my experience here. 


I recommend wearing a pair of shoes you don’t mind getting a little dirty. The ground is filled with fallen apples that are easily stepped on when trying to reach for the perfect pick. Learn from my mistake of wearing my nicest pair of suede Adidas sneakers. They ended up covered in apple mush! 


With our surplus supply of Red Deliciouses and McIntoshes, my friend and I decided to make some caramel apples! We wanted to spruce up the flavor so we swirled them in coconut flakes, sprinkles, and peanuts. Seriously, delish! All of my roomates thought so, too. 


If you are looking for something to check off your fall bucket list, I highly suggest taking a trip here! The orchard is easily accessible and is open everyday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. And don’t forget to check out the pumpkin selection on your way out. 

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