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What To Do When You Loose Your UCard!

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It happens to the best of us: one second you’re swiping into Berk, and the next thing you know you’re at the door of your dorm locked out. You retrace your steps all the way back to where you ate and, to your dismay, your card is gone. Luckily for us students, UMass provides many resources and advice when something like this happens, and now I'm here to share this wisdom with you.

1. First and Foremost: Don't Freak Out!

It's going to be OKAY, I promise. Always retrace your steps, Check all of your pockets. If you ultimately misplace it, follow the next steps. 

2. Deactivate Your UCard

In case someone stole your UCard, it's a good idea to deactivate, or suspend, it so no one can use your swipes, dining dollars, or UDebit. To do this, either login with your Net ID to your GET Funds or call the UCard Office at (413) 545-0197. It's also important to deactivate the card’s access to your residential hall by calling Housing Card Office (431) 545-0194.

3. Check the UMass Class of (insert year here) Facebook Groups

If you’re not in your graduating class' Facebook group, I recommend joining it. Found UCards, keys, glasses, wallets, or you name it are reported and found through the group with the help of your fellow peers. 

4. Check with Staff where You Last Saw Your UCard

Sometimes, someone will find a UCard on the floor and will give it to staff to hold on to. Eventually, your card may be sent to Whitmore if not claimed in a relative time. If you go and ask the staff, they will ask you for a second form of ID for proof of identity.

5. If all Else Fails... Buy a New UCard

If that plastic card is gone, you might have to resort to buying a brand new card. Your dining dollars, swipes, and UDebit will all transfer over to your new card, but you need to pay $30 to replace your lost or stolen card. Be mindful that Whitmore only accepts cash, check, or UDebit — NO credit or debit cards.

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