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This Weekend at UMass Amherst: November 30 to December 2

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ice skating at the Mullins Center

This weekend was an extremely eventful one. Things on campus are certainly winding down with midterms right around the corner, but that does not mean there isn’t some fun left to be had.


On Friday night, a friend of mine and I went to the UMass Theater Guild’s production of Arcadia. The UMass Theater Guild is a group you can audition for at the beginning of each semester. They put on a couple shows a year and are primarily student run. If you have a passion for acting and theater, it’s definitely a group you may want to get involved in. I’d only ever seen high school plays before, which usually have a teacher directing the play, so I didn’t have high expectations. But, afterward I was extremely impressed by the performances and sophistication of the script they chose. The UMass Theater Guild seems very interested in choosing scripts that are creative and unique. This years production, Arcadia, was very simple but also thought provoking. It definitely required you to pay attention and rewarded you if you did. Their production for next semester is The Addams Family, which I think is a really awesome show, so I’m excited for that.


Afterward, we went to the interfaith ice skating event. I’ll be honest, I am one of the worst ice skaters you’ll ever meet. But even I had an awesome time skating with my friends. They have ice skating at the Mullins practice rink, and you can rent skates for just $5. But, the religious organizations on campus organized a free ice skating event for everyone on campus, so I went and had a great time. They even had hot cocoa and donuts for everyone to share.


This was quite a fun weekend on campus, especially knowing that the next few weekends will consist of me camping in the library studying for finals. Can’t wait!


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