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UMass Radio Station!

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Student DJ at WMUA, the UMass radio station

Tired of listening to the same three songs most radio stations play? Looking for more variety in your music listening tastes? Well, look no further! If you didn’t already know, UMass has its own radio station located in the basement of the Campus Center. Tucked deep in the corner adjacent to the lower level auditorium lies UMass’s epicenter for up-and-coming music. The station features a number of student DJs who curate playlists and play their own taste in music on their self-hosted shows!


Listeners can tune into WMUA by either tuning their radios to 91.1 FM when in the surrounding area OR by listening live online via a link provided on the WMUA website! I even have my own radio show, Melodramatic, that gives me the opportunity to search for the best new music possible. By playing new music, listeners and DJs alike can expand their music preferences and listen to things they may have never encountered before. Shows ranging from electronic to rock and even country have made their debut on WMUA, which is known for its extreme variety and unique lineup of DJs.


For those not particularly into music, no worries. There are many different programming options. News and sports programs covering both local and nationwide topics can also be found on WMUA virtually everyday! WMUA even has its own studio designated specifically for sports and news.


For those UMass students looking to join the station, WMUA makes it an extremely painless process. Prospective members must simply undergo several DJ training sessions by veteran members in which you will learn to work the equipment, microphones, and play music on the air! After the conclusion of the training, trainees must shadow someone’s show for a few sessions in order to understand the atmosphere and pacing of a live show. Prospective DJs can apply to have their own time slot (more likely than not, your schedule will be accommodated) and will be able to play their music choices live!



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