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UMass Comedy League

One of the best ways to spend your weekend nights on campus is to attend one of the UMass Comedy League’s improv shows. My roommate is a member of one of the improv troupes, so I attend somewhat frequently. I’ve never come out disappointed. These shows are hilarious! It’s pretty impressive to watch performers come up with funny scenes on the spot with absolutely no preparation.

There are three improv troupes that together make up the Umass Comedy League. My roommate’s troupe is called "Toast." They perform every Friday night at 8 p.m. in Herter 231. They perform long-form improv shows, which begin with the performers asking for a single word from the audience. The funniest word is chosen and is used as inspiration for the whole show. The performers then perform a series of interconnected improvisational scenes that tell a larger funny story.


The next troupe is called "Mission Improvable." They perform every Saturday at 8 p.m. in the same room. They do short-form improv, which is extremely fast-paced and spontaneous. They perform different improv games and ask for constant audience suggestions. The formats of the games are always different, meaning you’re in for a unique show no matter what day you go. There’s also "Sketch 22," which is UMass Amherst’s premier sketch show. This show happens once a month and take Mission Improvable’s time and place for that night. Sketch 22 shows consist of a variety of prewritten sketches using various multimedia platforms. They also upload funny videos on YouTube so I recommend checking those out as well.


From improv to sketch, the comedy scene at UMass is diverse. Do you think you have what it takes to perform funny scenes with other talented performers? Well lucky for you there are tryouts at the beginning of each semester. Whether you’re joining the troupe or attending their shows, the UMass Comedy League offers a great experience for everyone.



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