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Top Five Study Spaces

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UMass students studying in front of the Student Union and in the library. Text: "Top 5 Study Spaces"

This week has been rough. I’ve had three tests, a quiz, and a short paper all due in the last few days. So as you can imagine, I’ve been doing lots of studying. In honor of that, I’ve compiled a list of my top five study spots on campus...

1) The Student Union has a lounge called the Hatch that’s a great place to study. It’s very central so you can stop there anytime. It’s never too loud, and it’s next to Campus Design and Copy if you ever need anything from there. Right now it’s being renovated, but once it’s completed I’m sure it will be better than ever.

2) The Du Bois Library basement is a popular place to cram for all your assignments. There are comfy chairs and computers. The café upstairs, the Procrastination Station, provides plenty to eat and drink. The only thing to keep in mind is that this area is extremely popular. You’ll have to compete with others to find a place to sit. But this isn’t always a bad thing. Because this area is so popular, you’re basically guaranteed to find someone from one of your classes who you can work with.

3) The Integrative Learning Center is a new building. It’s a great place to relax, look over notes, do homework, and the like. Peet’s Coffee is also located in the ILC. There, you can buy coffee and pastries to keep yourself full.

4) The Integrated Sciences Building is one of my favorite buildings on campus. On the third floor is a little studying nook that is perfect for getting work done. I love it because it’s kind of separate from everything and everyone. There are no distractions so you have no choice but to study. You have to get there early though. There are only a few spaces to sit because of how great of a space it is.

5) The lounge on your residence floor, however, is the best place to study. No doubt. Sometimes the most obvious place is the best place. It’s ideal in location, being that it’s just a few steps from your bedroom, it’s always available to you, and it’s always filled with people you know. Studying here is a great way to become closer to the smaller community of people you live with. Use this place to strengthen relationships with your neighbors and get a little studying done while you’re at it. 


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