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Tips When Going to the Recreation Center

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UMass Recreation Center

One of the many benefits of going to UMass Amherst is the countless facilities students to which students have access. The Campus Recreation Center is no exception!

Being a student can be busy, but it's still really important to stay healthy and active, and UMass knows that. The recreation center is conveniently located near the Mullins Center, and there are some things that are good to know for your first time at the gym:

First off, you can rent a locker daily for free! The recreation center has an abundance of lockers where students can store their personal belongings. What makes it even better is that the staff provides locks that students can use. All you have to do is give them your UCard, and they'll give you a lock along with a piece of paper that has the combination to it. The desk is located at the entrance to the gym. Afterward, simply give the lock back, and they'll check it back in! It’s a really safe and easy way to make sure your laptop, backpack, and other belongings are securely stored away! You can also get towels and various other sports equipment here as well.

As you get set to begin your workout, a good thing to know is the rec center's amenities. Well, lucky for you, there are two massive floors of workout machines and free weights. One floor has an abundance of squat racks and benches with numerous weight machines. This floor also happens to have three wooden courts that are open to students as well! These are used for basketball, badminton, volleyball, and more. The floor above it has more open space for free weights, but it also has an absurd number of cardio machines so you’ll be sure to always find something to meet your exercise needs. An indoor running track sits above the courts if you'd prefer to not run in place.

After your workout, you can head back to the locker room where there are also numerous showers that students can use to clean themselves before they head back to class or respective destinations. Many students like to enjoy a refreshing protein shake or healthy smoothie right after their workout, and the recreation center actually has a place where you can get them. The Courtside Cafe is located near one of the entrances of the building and here you can order for a wide array of smoothies, drinks, and snacks. You can use your dining dollars here as well so it makes for the perfect pit-stop for something quick, even if you didn't work out.

If thinking about your first trip to the rec center has you worried or anxious, I hope this gives you a better understanding of everything the facility has to offer. Make sure to take advantage of the gym because the school year is a great time to work on yourself socially, mentally, and physically!


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