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Things I Missed While Away from UMass

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I went home for the long Columbus Day weekend this last weekend. My grandparents flew in from Seattle to stay with us, I was able to see my family for the first time in a month, and I got to catch up with friends from my hometown. I enjoyed my time back home, and I’m glad I went. Yet, I still found myself missing UMass.


Here are some of the things I missed most while home away from home:


The nation’s number one campus food: If you haven’t read my previous blogs yet and figured out that I’m very passionate about how much I love the food here, I’m very passionate about how much I love the food here. The food is great, you have tons of options so you can eat whatever you feel like eating, it’s open 7am-midnight so you can eat whenever you want to, no one can tell you you can’t have ice cream with lunch at noon, and it’s all unlimited, all-you-can-eat. I missed that when craving pizza while being forced to eat my chicken and vegetables. It brought back some awful memories of childhood dinners with a mother that actually enjoys fruits and vegetables.


Free gymnasium: Piggybacking off my last point, if you tend to overeat at every meal like me, exercise is a must. At UMass, just walking across campus is usually enough to do the trick, and I try to mix in working out at the Campus Rec Center, or playing basketball as well. After sitting on the couch for the majority of Friday night to Monday afternoon, eating popcorn and cookies, I couldn’t wait to get back into the Campus Rec Center.


Social life: Even when surrounded by friends and family, it hit me just how much easier it is to be social at UMass. Having a roommate to talk to at any point in the day, a group to go out to eat with, and friends to watch football all Sunday with is unbeatable. I wish I was able to join them in my next point ... 


Athletics: As a sports fan, I was bummed out that I missed some athletic highlights this weekend. Being a member of the UMass student section, The Militia, is an awesome experience. This Saturday, I missed out on linebacker, Bryton Barr, college football’s leading tackler, and wide receiver, Andy Isabella, college football’s leader in receiving yards, turning in heroic stat lines once again, as the football team ultimately fell to an undefeated South Florida team in a high-scoring shootout. Later that night, I missed out on the first action in the Mullins Center this year, as the hockey team oblitterated the Royal Military College of Canada 6-1 in an exhibition game. For maybe the most hyped team we've had at UMass in recent memory, I wish I was there to see the beginning of what's about to be a really fun season to watch.


Balance in my schedule: As weird as it sounds, I missed my classes. Having a structure in your day-to-day life makes everything go by quicker. Hanging out on the couch all day just had me bored and ready to come back here. I felt much better Tuesday getting back into my normal routine here... I mean, home.


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