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Student-Run Businesses on Campus

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UMass students at Sweeties

One of the unique aspects of UMass Amherst is the abundance of student-run businesses. A variety of businesses here offer unique services that are entirely run and facilitated by your fellow peers. And it just so happens that these places are often the most eventful and lively places on campus. Here are a few of the most popular student run businesses at UMass:


Sweets and More is my personal favorite. It’s located on the main floor of the Field Residence Hall in Orchard Hill and is open every weeknight from 8 p.m. to midnight. Sweets and More is the perfect place to satisfy any nighttime cravings you may develop after the dining halls nearest you are closed. Sweets and More is most famous for its milkshakes, but it has a large variety of other snacks as well. Brownies, cookies, sodas, and other sweet treats are all offered. And the Sweets and More menu is rounded out by breakfast bagels and quesadillas, making it the perfect place for not only a nighttime snack, but a small meal as well.


The Greeno Sub Shop is another great place to eat on campus. Greeno is located in the Central Residential Area and is open weekdays from 5 pm to 11pm. They offer subs, wraps, paninis, and burgers. Once in a while a local artist — usually a student — will hold a small concert or event in the restaurant. I recommend stopping by Greeno to grab a sandwich, and if you’re lucky you can get good music and a show to accompany.


Other student-run businesses that offer great food are the Earthfoods Café, People’s Market, and the Sylvan Snack Bar. But food is not the only thing available. The Bike Coop is a place to go for all things related to your bicycle. If your bike is broken or you’re in need of a new part, head on over to the Bike Coop, and they can assist you. Campus Design and Copy is another student-run business that offers a lot of very useful services. There you can buy course packets for a few of the classes offered at UMass. You can also go to them for any design or copying needs you may have. And while you’re here, feel free to relax and play video games with some of the workers on their television.


The best thing about the student run businesses though are not the awesome services they provide. Rather, it’s the fact that we as students can get involved and run organized, legitimate businesses without experienced adults. Everything from financing to marketing is all done by college-level students. Your job at a student run business could range anywhere from standing behind the cash register to planning your store’s entire budget. Working at these businesses is a fantastic way to get a foot in the door and learning what it takes to manage a professional business. And visiting these businesses is a fantastic way to support your fellow students and enjoy everything UMass has to offer.



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