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Student Co-Ops

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Earthfoods Cafe at UMass. Text: "We're in Business! Successful student run co-ops right here at UMass

At UMass, students are encouraged to explore their interests and passions. Part of this means students can create their own businesses (as long as they follow certain criteria). There are several student run co-ops, such as restaurants and shops, that get a ton of customers and provide valuable work experience to their employees.

Student-run businesses at UMass include:

  1. Sweets and More - a bakery located at Field Hall (Orchard Hill)

  2. Greeno Sub Shop - a sub shop in Greenough (Central)

  3. People's Market - “ethically gathered” food and products in the Campus Center, across from the ILC

  4. Sylvan Snack Bar - a cafe in the basement of MacNamara Hall (Sylvan)

  5. Campus Design and Copy - a copy shop located in the Student Union

  6. Earthfoods - a vegetarian option in the Student Union

Student-led businesses at UMass give students with the ability to work in co-managed environments, are all-inclusive, and provide job experience. Students who work at the restaurants love their job, and their customers love what they sell. Job opportunities are also open to non-workstudy students, so they’re a great way to earn some cash while meeting people from all across campus.

It’s important, at any school, to explore all the things that interest you. Here at UMass, you can apply to join a business specific to what you are interested in, whether that be marketing or management, that is run by people in your age group. This allows for valuable work experience in a fun, unique environment!



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