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Spring Break Trips: What Not to Do

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As wintery mixes of snow and homework blues swirl around January and February, there is always one thing that college students alike will look forward to…spring break! I have spent two spring breaks at home enjoying extra sleep and relaxation and two breaks traveling around the world. Last year I was abroad in Europe, so I spent my break in Florence, Rome, and Dublin! This past week I was in Iceland for my last spring break. This trip was a lot different than many of my previous travels, but was one of the best adventures I have ever been on!


With that being said, here is my list of what not to do for spring break trips!


1.     Don’t be afraid to try an unconventional location!

While most students opt to vacation in a sunny warm area, my friends and I chose to go somewhere pretty chilly, but equally as fun. Iceland was an ideal location for us because we could adventure around mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, and waterfalls, and relax in the blue lagoon or at a quaint café. If a typical spring break location isn’t your first choice, be bold and go somewhere else!


2.     Don’t limit your dessert or food intake!

Spring break is a vacation! Don’t forget that! Treat your self! You will totally regret the dessert you don’t eat. Iceland was fairly expensive and all of my friends and I were trying to limit our spending. We passed by this bakery and there was a delicious cinnamon scent dancing around the door. We all immediately walked into the store and proceeded to devour the best cinnamon bun any of us had ever had. No regrets.


3.     Don’t overdo it!

Sometimes, even on a trip, we need a break! And that is ok. Remembering to relax during a long week is important. Take time before dinners to relax and recuperate. Simply lying down for a few minutes or not rushing around all day is the best advice I can give about having the best trip ever. Remember that you always have more time than you think to experience everything.


4.     Don’t be afraid to do your own thing!

I traveled with 9 of my friends. It was awesome, but we all had different things we wanted to do over the course of the week. One day, a group went on a hike and another group went on a tour around the city. Another day some people wanted to go to a concert and others wanted to go to a café for lattes and dessert. We would meet up for dinner and talk about our days, allowing everyone to have their ideal trip.


Remembering to be adventurous and open-minded is the best way to enjoy spring break to the fullest! By following these tips, you are sure to have a trip to remember! 

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