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Resources for Choosing Classes at UMass

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Picking classes for college might seem stressful. However, the resources that UMass offers will not only relieve that stress but make choosing classes easy.

In each department on campus are great advisors who will help you plan out what courses to take and help you stay on track toward graduation. You can choose to get guidance from more than one advisor as well, in order to get advice from different points of view. Our advisors can meet with you by appointment (which can be scheduled online) or walk-in. I’ve had many appointments with advisors over the years where I go in with many questions and stress about my classes, and each time I come out feeling ready and calm. Not only do our advisors know what they’re doing, but they do it with confidence and make sure you don’t leave advising feeling confused or lost.


UMass utilizes an online system called Spire, which is a database that holds all of the information you need: course listings, class schedule, transcripts, bills, and housing information, etc. Spire has every class listed for each semester, past and present, and you can view them all even if the class is not within your major. You can view your requirements for graduation, which is a great tool I used to plan out my entire college career. I was able to see each gen-ed I needed, each course requirement I needed for my major, and everything in between which helped me decide what classes I should focus on for each semester at UMass. While Spire can be confusing the first couple of times using it — as any UMass student and teacher can tell you — seeing all of the information you need right in front of you is something that I appreciate.


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