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Opportunities in Sports at the McCormack Department of Sport Management Career Fair

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UMass McCormack Sports & Management job fair

In my first blog on this site I wrote about the perks of going to the university with the top public business school in New England. I was amazed by some of the companies in attendance at Isenberg’s career fair. Dell, IBM, Toyota, PepsiCo, Liberty Mutual, Raytheon, TJX, Bose, and some of “The Big Four” accounting firms — just to name a few — came looking to hire UMass students back in September.


Getting your face and résumé in front representatives from globally- known companies like those isn't an opportunity that every school can offer, which brought me to my point in that post. The opportunities that come to students on this campus are incredible. That was the biggest attraction to me in choosing UMass. But I didn’t know the full extent of just how many opportunities there are and how amazing it is to be at a place where big name businesses seek us out.


Alongside the “Isenberg School of Management Career Fair," some of the majors inside the college have their own career fairs, and the list of impressive companies and organizations is long. Yesterday, I went to check out the McCormack Department of Sport Management career fair. As a sports fan, combining what I love with what I’m good at would be a dream come true. As the expression goes, “Love what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life." I wanted to see what opportunities might present themselves at this fair.


There were many. But more impressively, more than 40 professional and collegiate teams, leagues, and organizations headquartered all around North America were represented at the fair.


After I signed in and got my nametag I turned to my left and saw representatives from the Patriots. A little further down, the Red Sox, PGA Tour, four NBA teams, three MLB teams, a handful of minor league baseball teams, different leagues and conferences, sports marketing companies, and even three other universities were all in attendance looking for UMass students to fill job openings as interns, externs, and part- or full-time employees. Some of the job openings included coaching, working in a front office, scouting, sales, marketing, communication, operations/events staff, and much more.


The programs in the Isenberg School of Management gather a lot of attention from job recruiters. Having people come to you, ask for your résumé, and even connect with you on LinkedIn so you can stay in touch instead of having to seek people out on your own is such an advantage when looking for internships or jobs. At the very least, it's a great opportunity to actually practice talking with people that are looking to hire you in what's likely a more casual environment than a formal job interview.


My best advice is to start attending these early. Most representatives will be impressed with your initiative, even if you're just looking to learn more about the process as opposed to a senior seeking for a job. And the more of these you attend, the more comfortable you'll get with the typical questions they ask and the flow of the conversations.



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