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The Northeast Residential Area Experience

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Northeast residential area at UMass Amherst

Many incoming students have a hard time deciding where to live at UMass Amherst; I was no different. My freshman year, I lived in Dwight Hall, which is located in the Northeast Residential Area. From the environment, to the dining hall, I found that there are numerous reasons why living in Northeast freshman year was a very good decision.


If you are someone who prefers a location that is a bit on the quieter side, Northeast is perfect for you. There are hundreds of students living in the area, but the atmosphere and environment remains very calm. If you think this is perfect for doing homework in your dorm or just relaxing with friends, you’re right. The quad in Northeast is also a perfect area to hang out. There are two sand volleyball courts located here, and when the weather is warm and nice, you can expect to see some intense games going on. There is also a big, open, grassy area to toss around a football or frisbee, or simply just soak in the sun. On top of this, there’s a grill right in the middle if you and a group of friends want to cook on your own. Although the area is quiet, it is a close-knit area where many students come together to hang out.


Northeast’s location is also very convenient in terms of food and classes. If you are a STEM major, the majority of the classes and buildings are located within a 10-minute walking radius. This is really convenient, especially on those days when you have multiple classes in a row. Even if you aren’t a STEM major, there are numerous bus stops in Northeast that allow for students to get to the other side of campus easily. Worcester Dining Commons is also located next to the area, and it opens early and closes late. The location and hours of this dining hall are so convenient that you shouldn’t have trouble getting food. There is also Totman Gym which is located right next to Dwight Hall. If you are too lazy to walk all the way to the Rec Center, Totman Gym has all of the equipment you need right next to Northeast. The downside is that you will have to pay a membership for this convenience.


Many people may say that Northeast is too boring and quiet, but I disagree. Living in Northeast was a very good experience because the quiet nature allowed me to focus on my studies. In addition, the close knit community allowed me to meet new people and gain new friends. If you are someone who thinks these aspects of student life are important, Northeast is perfect for you.

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