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Networking Throughout College

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Networking throughout college

During your years in college, you are going to meet a lot of people. Some of these people will end up being your friends for life, while others may just remain acquaintances, partners for a lab or project, teachers, teammates, coaches etc. Each one of these people, however, is a connection — someone you can network with down the line.


My marketing professor encouraged my entire class to create a LinkedIn profile if we didn’t already have one. LinkedIn is a great tool to connect with people in the professional world, especially those that have the same major and/or professional interests that you do.


Since creating a LinkedIn my freshman year, I have made many great connections at UMass and throughout my everyday life that have helped me with internship and job opportunities. Connecting with people in your everyday life can introduce you to even more connections. Now a senior, the connections that I’ve made have widened opportunities that may come my way before I graduate in the spring.


Other than classes and clubs, UMass offers great opportunities for networking. During each school year a Career Fair is held on campus. There are career fairs that focus on certain majors with representatives that are looking for candidates that would best fit with their company. Whether you are majoring in engineering, computer science, marketing, accounting, communication, or any other major, there will be an opportunity to network with companies from all over that relate to your professional interests. As long as you are dressed for success, résumé in hand, and have the confidence, networking at events like these will help you in the long run.


By going out and networking through LinkedIn, I was able to get an incredible internship at NBC in New York City over the summer. From that amazing experience, I have met great people in my field and have opened the door for many other opportunities for me after I graduate.  



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