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The added expenses of living in college, especially your first semester, can add up much faster than one would expect.

From the supplies you need for class, to Uber rides, to the coffee you need after pulling an all-nighter, a lot of people find themselves running through their bank accounts quickly. It’s normal to find yourself looking for a little extra cash. Luckily for us, UMass makes finding a job so easy with its undergraduate job postings page!


The thought of balancing a job and a full courseload can be daunting, but most of the jobs have a small amount and/or flexible hours. What's great about using the UMass search engine is that each employer knows that their potential employee will be a student and have academics as their first priority.


The posting page features jobs around campus and in the community. You can find something at the dining hall, sitting at a desk, or babysitting for someone in the area. UMass makes it simple with a search engine that allows you to specify the kind of job you’re looking for. If there is nothing that catches your eye right away, be sure to continue to checking periodically; new jobs are being posted all the time!


Each post explains what the requirements of the position are, whether it’s on or off campus, hours per week, and how you apply. Some jobs are a simple phone call and some will require an entire résumé.


If you need a proper résumé and cover letter, but have no idea how to make one (I certainly didn’t), UMass has tons of resources to help with that as well. On the Career Services page, they offer many examples of cover letters and résumés to help you craft your own. Their website offers sample job offers and then examples of how one would respond to it.


If you need more individualized help, you can also stop by Career Services in person to have someone help you! Another resource for résumés and cover letters is your advisor. Especially if you are applying for a job that correlates with your field of study, an advisor will be happy to help!

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