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My Weekend at UMass Amherst: October 12-14

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Fall has always been my favorite season. With fall comes the new school year, and the beginning of so many things. For example, sports. On Friday, I got to go to the first hockey game of the season. I’ve never been huge on watching sports, and didn’t think I’d be into following our college teams, but last year I got an (unpaid) job as the social media coordinator for UMass’s television news team. One of my duties in this role was to stay in the loop on the standings of our various sports teams. Because of this, I really started to become invested in some of our teams, our hockey team in particular.


On Friday, the UMass Minutemen played the RPI Engineers. I’m going to cut to the chase and tell you that we won by five goals. Our hockey team is considered one of our best teams. They really didn’t disappoint. The Minutemen scored goal after goal. The energy in the room was electric. Being in our giant arena and participating in the chants with everyone else was exhilarating. Going to games at the Mullins Center is a great way to spend a weekend night.


On Saturday, I went to the movies at Hampshire Mall. We ate pizza and then watched The First Man. Hampshire Mall caters to college kids looking for activities other than shopping. Other than the movie theater, there are go-karts, an arcade, an escape room, and more. I’ll go into more detail about these other activities in another post.


Sunday is usually the day students finish all the homework they've procrastinated on all week, but luckily I got to take a break and go to the Pakistani Student Organization’s barbecue. The BBQ took place at the Northeast quad. Everyone was conversing over burgers and outdoor games such as volleyball. It was a nice change of pace from eating at the dining halls (not that eating number one dining ever gets old). The PSO is one of many cultural clubs on campus catering to a specific group. Joining your respective cultural or religious club is a great way to meet others with similar backgrounds. I made a lot of my friends through there, so I highly recommend becoming involved in your respective group.


This weekend was eventful and exciting. I can’t wait for the next one!


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