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Medical Reserve Corps

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Students in the University of Massachusetts Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) volunteer to help when emergencies or disasters strike.

One of the organizations I have the pleasure of being involved with on campus is the UMass Amherst Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), an organization that promotes civic responsibility and emergency preparedness. The MRC was founded at UMass Amherst in 2005 by the College of Nursing. Since then, the organization has grown, and we often collaborate with other MRCs in Western Massachusetts. MRC is a great organization for those pursuing careers in medicine or public health, and for those who are passionate about helping and educating others.

The purpose of the MRC is to teach people about public health related issues and procedures. We hold emergency preparedness training workshops that students from across campus can attend. Sometimes it’s even recommended by professors and employers to attend, because the skills you learn in these workshops can come in handy for everyone. The workshops go over different possible emergency scenarios, and the best way to respond to them. These workshops are more general and are about getting you into the right mindset to make smart decisions in a given situation.

Every few weeks, we have a special guest speaker come in to teach something that is more specific and complex. There are so many public health related issues, and so much to learn. The first one of these workshops I attended was about the opioid epidemic. It taught us about how pervasive addiction is, and how to help those afflicted by it. We also learned the proper technique for naloxone administration, which is an opioid overdose reversal drug. At the end of the lecture, we got to take a box of naloxone nasal spray with us to keep in case we were ever in a situation where someone needed help. Other training workshops that have been held this semester include fire safety and tick bite prevention.

The Medical Reserve Corps is one of the coolest clubs on campus and does a ton of great things for the community. In a few weeks we will be having tourniquet training so I’ll be sure to write all about that!


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