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Make Your Dining Dollars Last

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I think that the worst thing that can happen, yet almost always does, is running out of dining dollars before the end of the semester. There is never a time I want a caramel latte more than finals, yet that is exactly the time I have no money left to buy one! So, here are my tips on trying to make your dining dollars last:

  1. Don’t drink coffee if you don’t need it! Often times when I have an easy time and have the extra time to get coffee I desperately want to, but in the long run it’s not worth it! It’s best to save them for the really overtired days or finals season! Plus, if you can kick drinking coffee everyday, you won't crave it as much, which will also save you money!

  2. Limit the amount of meals you eat Blue Wall/Chicken & Co./Baby Berk! It’s definitely easy to go Blue Wall crazy once you realize all the options, but the meals can get up to $12-$15 which can totally wipe out your dining dollars after just a couple of visits. Make those trips sparingly!

  3. Get Grab n’ Go when you can! If you don’t have enough time for the dining hall, grab n’ go is definitely the next best option! It is, once again, tempting to get something with your dining dollars that is a little yummier, but treating yourself in September isn’t worth it if it means not having any dining dollars for the library cafe at 2 a.m. the night before a final. My mom always says, “not every meal has to taste great!”, and she’s totally right. There’s nothing wrong with a turkey and cheese sandwich, especially if it gets you an extra latte while you’re up late at night working on a paper!



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