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Looking Back Fondly at UMass

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Eating by the pond at University of Massachusetts

As it turns out, everyone was right. Time at UMass flies by. I never thought I’d be writing my last blog post during my final days on this campus. It seems like yesterday that I was moving into a dorm and nervous about meeting my roommate. Looking back at UMass, particular memories are so important and special to me. However, I never realized it at the time. Therefore, as a parting senior, I would love to share some of these beautiful moments in the hopes that an underclassman will be able to appreciate them in the time they have.

Those moments at the dining halls:  It is so easy to take the dining halls at UMass for granted. The ambiance is ideal for sitting with friends for way too long talking about anything and everything. I cherish the moments spent sitting in Hamp with my freshman year friends talking about how we all met and our plans for the future. In the moment, it felt like just another dinner. Now, I realize that it was precious quality time with my best friends.

Getting lost around campus: In the moment, nobody really appreciates being lost trying to find a classroom! However, these were some of the most hilarious moments of my college experience. Getting lost was a new way of exploring the school, and I always found something interesting along the way.

Waiting in line for concert tickets at Mullins: Waiting in line for free concert tickets at the Mullins Center was never my favorite experience as it happened. In retrospect, it was time well-spent with my friends and now I truly appreciate how generous UMass is for hosting free concerts!

“Flunking” that test with your friends: I’ll never forget the first time I saw a midterm score before it had been scaled. Needless to say, I didn’t exactly do well. In the moment, my friends and I were panicked and stressed! Now I’ll never get a job! However, we always ended up okay and laughing about it after. One of my fondest memories is taking a ridiculously difficult biology exam with my friends and then promptly eating by the campus pond for stress relief.

The rainy days at UMass: This one may be an unpopular opinion, but I have great memories from those rainy days here on campus. We would spring from class to class to keep our laptops dry and order in because we were too lazy to walk to Berk!

As an overly sentimental and retrospective senior, my advice to all underclassmen and incoming students is to enjoy the little things. If something seems annoying or insignificant now, be aware that it might just be one of your fondest memories from UMass.

I am so grateful for every experience I had on this campus, and I envy any student who gets to start from Day 1. Good luck at UMass, you’re going to have an amazing journey.



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