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L.L. Bean at UMass Amherst!

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LL Bean boot on the UMass campus

If you clicked on this post, one reason must have been the picture of the giant boot vehicle you see.

The boot is made to represent L.L. Bean's "Bean Boots," which are an extremely popular footwear item here in the fall and winter. L.L. Bean has been coming to UMass Amherst every year around this time of the year right before the weather gets a bit chilly. It is great for students because there is currently not an L.L. Bean store in the area, and their products are perfect for the cold New England winters. From boots, to coats, to blankets and more, the small pop-up shop set up right in the middle of campus is bound to have exactly what you are looking for.


What makes it even better is that L.L. Bean does more than just sell products while on campus. This year they had a football event, and, for students that signed up to play, they could receive a $100 gift card and more. Some of these prizes included sunglasses, hats, and bags. The shop is always popular among students, and the gigantic boot is always the perfect oddity to take a picture with. If you ever see the pop-up shop and want to do some shopping of your own, make sure to visit during a time where most of the students are in class. With how popular L.L. Bean is in these parts, the crowd can sure grow large at times!


The employees that work for L.L. Bean are always very friendly and will give the best advice for clothing and footwear to those of you who come from areas where the weather is never cold! In addition, they will give you some awesome information about L.L. Bean as a company and how their jobs are working with L.L. Bean on the road and with the Beanmobile! Even if you do not need to buy anything for the freezing Massachusetts winters, it is always fun and refreshing to see something different at UMass, and L.L. Bean is one of many companies that visit UMass throughout the year.


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