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Keeping in Touch While You're Away

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Weird brag about me: my mom is one of my best friends in the entire world. My grandmother — her mother — also tops the list. The girl I spent all of free period with in freshman year, who quickly became like a third sister to me and supported me through every step of high school, also tops the list of people I would do anything for.

It’s safe to say I was leaving a lot of people I loved when I went to college — and I was terrified.

I couldn’t wait for what UMass had in store for me. I was excited for what my friends' schools awaited them, too. I would imagine coming home for Thanksgiving, running into my best friends arms like during a montage in the movies. We’d spend days sharing our own college experiences while reminiscing on the memories we made together in high school... I couldn't wait. Part of me, however, feared I would come home and my friends and I would have no common ground for conversation anymore. I feared break would be awkward, or worse, that I would have no friends from home anymore — that college would erase our beloved high school memories and our friendships would no longer exist. Though this may have been irrational, I still did everything in my power to prevent it from happening. I made sure I would keep close contact with my friends who were all hundreds of miles away from me.

I never used Snapchat much before I went to college. My data usage bill skyrocketed once I did, but texting, calling, and FaceTiming were all an easy method for maintaining contact with my friends. Thanks to technology, I talk to my best friends every day. Instead of being awkward, breaks are exciting. They’re a time I value above anything and look forward to. Being able to see my friends and hear about their successes at their own schools, while sharing my own, makes me proud of the people I love.

As for my family, I talk to my mom several times a day. I text her updates about my grades and what I’m up to, and we schedule weekly FaceTime appointments exclusively for me to see my two-pound teacup chihuahua (who, if we’re being honest, I definitely miss the most). The bottom line is your family isn’t going anywhere just because you went to college. They’re just a phone call away.

Going to college can be scary when you think about leaving the people you love. However, it’s equally as exciting to think about the new people you’ll meet. With a form of automatic communication in the hand of pretty much everyone, it's easy to give your best friends (or your mom!!) a call if you’re feeling homesick. But don’t let the fear of new things and people discourage you from looking forward to college. The memories I’ve made thus far at UMass are some of the best of my life.


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