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Keeping the Door Open

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Hanging in the Quad with Friends at the University of Massachusetts

As a freshman, you will repeatedly hear people telling you to keep your dorm room door open to make friends. Of course, as a young and totally cool college student you may be tempted to ignore this advice. However, I swear it is not just some tall tale they tell freshmen to convince them that making friends is easy. I have personally found that keeping the door open, both literally and conceptually, has helped me make friends in college.

Physically keeping the door open at school gave people the opportunity to pop into my room and have a quick chat with me. As I would be doing trivial math homework, I would get to take little breaks as people would pop in to say hello or have a quick life talk. Although this sounds like an immense distraction, I enjoyed the various breaks and I got to bond with everyone on my floor. On days where I really needed to buckle down and get work done, I could simply shut my door or pop into the library. People seemed to genuinely enjoy that my roommate and I kept our door open. We were always a reliable spot for a quick distraction from the stress of schoolwork, and the open door meant that anyone was welcome into our humble abode. 

Conceptually keeping the door open also helped me make friends in college. Being open to all different kinds of people is not only helpful, but necessary in college. You cannot walk into your first day and expect to only be friends with the type of people you were friends with in high school. College is a completely different experience with completely different people. My advice is to keep the door open, and welcome all types of people into your life. 

One of my best friends from a different university said it best:

“Having the door closed is the same thing as saying you're not there either physically or mentally. This is okay occasionally, but definitely at the beginning force yourself to open the door and be open to other people.”
-Madison Melvin, Bentley University '18

What are you waiting for? Get a doorstop and keep the door open!


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