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Jake's at the Mill

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A photo of avocado huevos rancheros

If you’re a breakfast food junkie like I am, I’m sure this post will make you very happy. A breakfast and lunch restaurant called Jake’s Northampton has opened a second location, Jake’s at the Mill, just north of campus in North Amherst!

Jake’s is famous for featuring over 50 different kinds of hash and having a different daily flavor for each day of the week. They have everything from braised pork and roasted sweet potato hash to Southwest chicken and poblano hash. If you’re not a hash person, have no fear, as Jake’s offers tons of different egg, pancake and french toast options. This past weekend I went with my parents and had avocado huevos rancheros while my mom had french toast with fresh strawberries. Absolutely delicious! If anything is a testimony to how good the food is, the wait time was over an hour! (It's well worth the wait)

It’s always good to support local businesses, but especially this one because they are bringing business back to the mill district in North Amherst. If you’ve ever ventured past Northeast and Sylvan, you would have found that there is a lot less happening there than towards the center of town in the opposite direction. Jake’s is replacing Bread and Butter, which closed last year, so they’re really helping to keep the commerce alive!

We’re lucky to have such a nice downtown in Amherst and Northampton nearby, but each little addition to our community is something to cherish! Two years ago when I was touring colleges, one aspect I took into consideration of each school was the surrounding area and Jake’s at the Mill just made ours even better!

Jake’s is reachable by the bus route as there is a stop right outside the front door! Be sure to check it out and go hungry!


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