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Items You Should Always Have With You At UMass

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Water bottle and phone charger

A day in the life of a UMass student usually consists of classes, homework, clubs, and more. With so much going on during the day, thinking about what you should carry around with you on a daily basis should be one less thing to worry about. Here are some things UMass students should be carrying with them everyday!


This is a no brainer, but you must have your UCard on you at all times. It helps with identification, getting into the dining commons, dorms, and more.

Portable charger:

If you are like me, chances are you are on your phone a lot during the day. Even if you aren’t aimlessly scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, you can use your smartphone to check your assignments and homework. And nothing is worse than when it dies. That’s why carrying a portable charger in your backpack saves you in those times of need. Bringing your laptop charger is just as important, too.


Truth be told, no ones likes bad breath, and even though UMass is known for its dining, there is no way to avoid your breath after you eat. Having a package of gum in your bag is essential because not only does it freshen you up in a cinch, it also keeps you occupied while you’re bored or hungry.

Earbuds or headphones:

UMass’s big campus is going to make you travel quite a bit and there’s no better way to pass the time than popping in your earbuds or putting on your headphones and cranking up Spotify or iTunes. Whether you like listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, having a pair at your immediate disposal is essential. Even if you are at the library, you can use them with any computer in case you need to watch videos for your classes as long as your earbuds or headphones have an auxiliary attachment.

Water bottle:

Although there are countless water fountains scattered throughout campus, carrying around a reusable water bottle is in your best interest. There are even special stations that will fill up your water bottles (and also promote recycling). Drinking water during your day is healthy, and you won’t have to go out of your way to find something to drink.


An umbrella is absolutely needed on those rainy days or on days where rain is a possibility. Having to walk 10 minutes back to your dorm in the pouring is rain is not fun (trust me, I would know).

Extra pencils:

You don’t want to be that student that has to ask the professor for a pencil during an exam or assignment. It may have been okay in middle school, but at college you should really be prepared. On top of pencils, it’s a good idea to bring erasers, a calculator, and whatever tools you usually use.


Obviously there are ton of more things that you could include with you, but for me, I make sure my backpack is stuffed with the items I listed so my days get by a little easier!


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